With us you will design and
you will build a house from perlite according to your needs

We will design
Your home

Our experienced architects will design
a house perfectly tailored to your
needs and lifestyle

We will build
Your House

We offer comprehensive construction
services - taking care of every detail,
ensuring a sturdy structure
in accordance with the art
of construction.


We erect the walls of our houses using
our proprietary SYSTEM 3E technology
because quality and innovation
are our priorities.


of cooperation

Knowledge and experience

The construction of a house is one of the most complex processes we encounter in life. Our team, with interdisciplinary expertise, will help you make the best choices to ensure long-lasting comfort in using your home.

Comprehensive construction
according to the plan

Our mission is the comprehensive implementation of construction from start to finish, taking into account all formal-legal processes, dealings with authorities, coordination of contracts, and execution of works according to the schedule. With us, you can focus on what matters most to you.

Transparency and safety

A transparent, organized, and fair collaboration process is the foundation of every aspect of our operations. By adhering to the highest service standards, we share our knowledge and experience, clearly communicating the terms of collaboration and the benefits that come with it. We take responsibility for the entire construction process.

Home in the best technology in the world.

We build our houses using our proprietary SYSTEM 3E technology, with natural perlite at its core. Perlite walls are vapor-permeable, hypoallergenic, and moisture-free, making them resistant to mold and fungi growth. This ensures a healthy home.

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We will design and build your house
according to the plan


    Construction in Łojki

    The SYSTEM 3E technology facilitates finishing external and internal walls, as they are perfectly even.

    Construction in Ustronie

    Heating bills during the heating season were expected to be lower by approximately 30-40%. After 6 years of living here, I confirm that it is even 50%