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The idea of DOM 3E is to create aesthetic and functional buildings while simultaneously respecting the natural environment. Our long-term goal is to promote and develop sustainable construction through the use of ecological materials, energy-efficient solutions, and responsible building practices.

By collaborating with us, you can be sure that your project will adhere to the latest ecological standards. Together, we create buildings that not only meet the needs of our investors but also respect the resources of our planet.

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The highest standard of service is owed to the people who make up our team. Thanks to them, we can build differently, more innovatively, and responsibly.

Radosław Krzemiński

Główny Konstruktor

Agnieszka Skórczyńska


Norbert Prętnicki


Błażej Zagajewski


Patrycja Janicka


Mateusz Gajewski


Józefina Janiszewska

Inżynier Działu Projektowego

Marcin Koter

Koordynator Działu Doradztwa Technicznego

Ewelina Białowarczuk

Doradca Techniczny Klienta

Tomasz Kwiatkowski

Doradca Techniczny Klienta

Karolina Wierus

Doradca Techniczny Klienta

Marcin Witkowski

Doradca Techniczny Klienta

Michał Żuraw

Michał Żuraw

Doradca Techniczny Klienta

Grzegorz Rak

Grzegorz Rak

Doradca Techniczny Klienta

Ilona Marciniak

Koordynator ds. wsparcia sprzedaży

Sebastian Dylewski

Koordynator ds. CRM

Ewa Kukiel

Office Manager

Anna Podrażka

Head of HR

Małgorzata Druzd

HR Business Partner

Karol Wielczyk

Kierownik Działu Realizacji

Adrianna Rogacz

Koordynator projektów

Marek Mędza

Majster Budowy

Aneta Piróg

Starsza Specjalistka ds. ofertowania

Rafał Baran

Specjalista ds. ofertowania

Patryk Bolimowski

Kierownik R&D i Kontroli Jakości

Dariusz Lewandowski


Katarzyna Kolmus

Head of Legal

Piotr Budnik

Wiceprezes Zarządu DOM 3E

Daniel Kulaszewski

Daniel Kulaszewski

CEO DOM 3E Realizacje

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Investor and Ambassador of SYSTEM 3E and DOM 3E

Grzegorz Krychowiak supports the SYSTEM 3E and DOM 3E brands with his business intuition and image. He actively participates in promotional and educational campaigns.

Grzegorz Krychowiak was born on January 29, 1990, in Gryfice. He plays as a midfielder and in 2023 signed a contract with the Saudi club Abha Club. Previously, he played for esteemed European clubs: Girondins Bordeaux, Stade de Reims, FC Nantes, Sevilla FC, Paris Saint-Germain, West Bromwich Albion, and AEK Athens. He is known for his strong character, English humor, and hard work on the field.

SYSTEM 3E has the potential to change people's lives worldwide!

Grzegorz Krychowiak, a leading Polish footballer, has experienced it firsthand. He invested in our technology, choosing ecology, energy efficiency, and economy – believing that 'Poland can do it!'

„At home, just like in football, the system matters! The playing system that allows for building spectacular, and above all, effective actions. And the building system that guarantees speed and convenience. That's exactly what SYSTEM 3E is, from which DOM 3E is created.”

Grzegorz Krychowiak,
Investor and Ambassador

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