We are a design office specializing in creating individual house projects throughout Poland. We design premium-class homes tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

About us

The DOM 3E team consists of professional architects, engineers, and advisors with a broad portfolio of achievements. With extensive experience, we can guarantee the design of a home that will be perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences. Our knowledge and creativity will allow us to create a unique space that reflects your personality and fulfills all your expectations.

At DOM 3E, we understand that the design phase is an integral part of the home construction process. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive approach that includes both design and construction. We will design and build a home that meets the highest standards while adapting to your budget – taking care of every detail and ensuring cost optimization during both the construction and operation of the building.

The stages of design

Building a home is a process based on cooperation and trust.
Check out the stages that will lead us
to fulfilling your dreams.

01 / Consultations and Analysis

At the beginning of our collaboration, we focus on conversations that allow us to get to know each other better. This is a key stage in the design process because it enables us to understand your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. At this stage, we also analyze the plot on which your home will be built – we carefully examine all aspects of the land to ensure the optimal use of the available space.

02 / Conceptual Design

Based on the gathered information, we create a unique vision for your home. We aim to develop a project that perfectly fits into the surroundings and ensures the highest level of functionality.

03 / Contract Signing

It serves as the foundation for the subsequent stages of our collaboration. In the contract, we specify the scope of development, present a cost estimate, and define payment terms and timelines. This is the moment when we commence the actual process of designing your home.

04 / Detailed Design

After your approval of the concept, we proceed to develop the architectural, installation, and structural design in the innovative SYSTEM 3E technology. Attention to detail will ensure not only an aesthetic appearance but also the energy efficiency of your home and a healthy indoor environment.

05 / Documentation and Permits

We support you in the process of obtaining the necessary permits to ensure a smooth and obstacle-free transition to the implementation process, adhering to market standards.

06 / Cost Estimate Preparation

A detailed cost estimate ensures implementation without surprises. The document is prepared according to the highest standards and significantly deviates from market norms

07 / House Construction

You don't have to search for construction teams and deal with coordinating work. We offer you comprehensive implementation: from creating the project to building to the developer's standard - we are with you at every stage of construction. We collaborate with professional subcontractors, ensuring compliance with the project and the highest quality of execution

What do you gain?

Discover the benefits of having an individual project done by DOM 3E

  1. At DOM 3E, we handle everything comprehensively. Not only will we design a home that perfectly suits your life and the lives of your loved ones, but we will also take care of its construction. Having the entire process in one place will save your valuable time.
  2. When designing a home with us from scratch, we will assist in maximizing the potential of your plot and plan functional solutions that ensure comfortable living.
  3. When designing a home with us from scratch, we will assist in maximizing the potential of your plot and plan functional solutions that ensure comfortable living.
  4. Individual design allows better budget control. We offer you the choice and work together to optimize costs, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  5. You have the opportunity to participate in the home design process from the very beginning and create a unique space where every detail reflects your character. Transforming dreams into reality is an incredibly satisfying experience

Get ready for
the first consultation

The following documents are a source of knowledge necessary for preparing the project in accordance with local regulations and maximizing the potential of your plot. They will also facilitate a faster transition to the design process.

  • Map of the subject building plot or information about its location
  • Information about the local spatial development plan or the decision on building conditions

Contact us

After filling out the form, we will call you to schedule a consultation with an Advisor at a time convenient for you.



    Single-family house   |   300 m2


    Single-family house   |   200 m2


    Single-family house   |   148 m2

    Nowy Sącz

    Single-family house   |   190 m2


    Single-family house   |   232 m2


    Single-family house   |   190 m2

    Technology 3E

    We design and build houses using our proprietary wall construction technology – SYSTEM 3E. Our solution is based on an ecological material: 3E elements made of natural perlite. Perlite ensures a healthy microclimate in 3E homes, keeping the buildings warm, moisture-free, and resistant to mold and fungi – an excellent solution for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

    The precise shape and unique properties of the elements allow walls to be erected without the need for mortar and insulation. Their construction resembles assembling Lego blocks, which speeds up the entire investment process, reducing the demand for water, energy, and minimizing the amount of construction waste. 3E stands for ecology, economy, and energy efficiency.

    SYSTEM 3E is currently the thinnest and warmest single-layer wall available on the EU market.

    High thermal insulation parameters result in lower heating bills.

    The innovative way of connecting 3E elements ensures the safety and durability of the construction for years.