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Building a house is a complex process and one of the most important purchasing decisions in life, so it's worthwhile to seek the support of experts from the very beginning. Experts who possess the necessary skills and have years of experience in the home construction process.

Our team consists of Technical Advisors, Architects, Engineers, Cost Estimators, Project Coordinators, and Construction Managers who provide support at every stage of the construction process.

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Custom Design

Remember that the design process is an integral part of building a house. Our architects, engineers, and constructors, through close collaboration with you, will create a custom design that considers all the advantages of the plot. It will be aesthetic, safe, tailored to your budget, and perfectly suited to your family's lifestyle. We will also ensure the completion of the documentation necessary for obtaining a building permit. We operate throughout Poland and offer you the opportunity to use our in-house architectural department or the best external studios collaborating with us.


After finalizing the purchase of the plot, the next step is to choose the preferred type of project (standard or individual) and obtain the necessary documents for the formalities related to the construction process. In the SYSTEM 3E technology, any standard project can be implemented. Individual design is based on full personalization and is executed immediately in the SYSTEM 3E technology. At this stage, we encourage you to spend a few minutes talking to a technical advisor to plan the process to address all needs.

Cost Estimation

The next step on the way to your dream home is preparing a detailed cost estimate for the investment based on the project. A detailed cost estimate is a guarantee of implementation without surprises. At DOM 3E, we pay exceptional attention to transparency and honesty in the process. The preparation of each cost estimate is preceded by a thorough analysis of needs and project solutions. Each stage of work indicated in the cost estimate includes quantitative assessments of materials, soil testing, and all scopes and solutions agreed upon with the client. This document is prepared according to the highest market standards and is a guarantee of implementing the construction within the planned budget.


At this stage, we can sign a construction works contract, with an attached prepared cost estimate and a detailed schedule. The implementation process, led by the project manager, involves selecting experienced construction teams that are subject to detailed control in terms of progress and coordination of work. Our goal is to maintain high informational standards, so every client receives weekly reports along with detailed photographic documentation. This form of cooperation ensures peace of mind and time savings.

The advantages of comprehensive construction with DOM 3E.

Collaboration with specialists at every stage.

The construction of your home is overseen by a team of experienced experts with qualifications: architects, structural engineers, construction engineers, cost estimators, construction crews, and project managers. Your dedicated Technical Advisor supervises the entire process, coordinating the flow of information between you and the team working on your project. We offer our knowledge and expertise to ensure the high-quality execution of building your home.

Better cost control

One of our main tasks is budget control. We design your home with a focus on energy efficiency and low operational costs. We avoid unexpected expenses by preparing a detailed cost estimate and coordinating the work of reliable teams, resulting in no delays and costly errors during the implementation stage.

Simplifying formalities.

We will assist in compiling the necessary documentation and handle the formalities associated with obtaining a building permit. This support will simplify and expedite the administrative process, saving you valuable time at government offices.

Budowa zgodnie z harmonogramem

We possess the vision and experience that allow us to manage the construction of your home in a thoughtful manner. We operate in accordance with the schedule attached to the contract and strive to optimize the entire process to shorten the implementation time. This way, you will save time and money, moving into your dream home according to plan, and perhaps even sooner.

One source of responsibility.

Remember that having one company oversee the construction of your home means one source of responsibility. If any issues arise, we take care of identifying and resolving them because we are responsible for the entire process. Our collaboration doesn't end with handing over the keys – we are available long after the completion of building your home.


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